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Grooming & Care For Horses

Propolis Balm

Concentrated propolis extract.
Preparation for external use.
Relieves irritation and eliminates redness of the skin.

Bac Control

Chronic eczematoid dermatitis on the back surface of the horse metacarpus appears frequently. By cleaning the inflamed area with Bac Control, the foot dries quickly.


Made from high-quality herbal oils and herbs, Kräuter-Huföl, when given regularly, delivers strong, healthy hooves without damage and cracks, more elastic and resistant.

Magic Skin

Product of the Sea Power Care:

  • Helps Eczema of the Skin.

  • Relieves the itching.

  • Promotes Skin Rejuvenation

Ocean Green GEL

It is a pure, natural product with high seawater content and algae extract (ALGAE) from LAMINARIA - ALGAE.

Pferdesalbe "Cool fit Gel"

This product is a refreshing gel containing natural active substances. It is given directly on the stressed areas. Natural substances in combination with the cooling effect, relaxes the muscles, tendons and joints, promoting better blood circulation.


It is the perfect care spray for the skin, the coat, the mane and the tail of the horse. The emulsion content is skin-friendly, long-lasting and makes the coat resistant to dirt that is much easier to remove with a brush, eliminating knotting in the coat.

Spruh Shampoo

It is the perfect shampoo (soap) for cleaning the skin, hair, horse mane and tail.

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