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Supplements For Swine

Carbo Calf

Feed additives support the normal functioning of the digestive system and the production of formed faeces.Herbal extracts present in the product are rich in tannins and contribute to the normal digestion process.

Esvex Oral

Prevention of vitamin E and selenium deficiency.
High energy feeds. Vitamin E and selenium act as antioxidant of lipids.
High reproduction requirements in male and female breeders.


Diuretic and Hepatoprotector.
Prevention and treatment of liver pathologies due to overproduction, high energy feeds, laying peaks, mycotoxins, stress, coccidiostats, antiparasitary treatments a.o.
Improves yolk sack absorption.

Hidro Rex Vital Aminoacidos

To activate growth and animal production.
After periods of unbalanced and deficient feeding.
Changes in nutrition patterns.
Pathologies in general, combined with the etiologic treatment, to accelerate recovery.


Oral fluid therapy is highly effective when used appropriately, specially for young animals.


Treatment and prevention of vitaminic deficiencies.
Reproduction disorders.
Growth defects.

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